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Look lovely with brilliant nature-enriched hair color powder for every hair type and need. Color Mate semi-permanent powder hair color is designed to gracefully color all grey or white hair, enrich your hair color with amazing plant-based nutrients. It contains no ammonia and requires no hydrogen peroxide for its color action. It results in a beautiful, true-to-life, naturally shining color offering you a rich and natural look. Buy powder hair color in India which is an inexpensive way to color your grey hair. You take as much as you need and keep the rest for the next application.

Why Use Powder Hair Color?

This semi-permanent powder hair color comes as a powder and requires mixing with only water before applying to hair. This product has very mild chemicals that don’t harm your skin and hair since its advance formula only coats the hair to color it. Permanent powder hair color is available in a range of shades that are primarily darker. These colors can be used for 100% grey coverage or to enhance natural hair color.

One of the best powder hair coloring products you will ever use. It is ammonia free and also contains a nutrient which helps for skeletal muscle growth. One packet can be used multiple times but make sure that the pack is kept airtight so that the material doesn’t get moist. Even if you have any grey or white hairs you can use a single packet many times. It can be applied very quickly using a well-designed brush and the total application process requires only 10-15 mins including washing your hair and it is a permanent powder hair color so you won’t have to worry about faded hairs for weeks.

There are many reasons to choose our range of powder hair color such as:

  • Powder hair color is a professionally used hair color in India.
  • It gives great color.
  • You will see vibrant and shiny hair.
  • It does not stain.
  • This product is very easy to apply.
  • This temporary powder hair color gives results like permanent hair color.

Find our Best Powder Hair Color for Every Hair Type and Need light

Brown Powder

This rock-star hair color draws plenty of attention. Boost up the style with a range of vivid shades from light brown to dark brown hair dye.

Natural Black Powder

Discover our most beautiful black hair color shade. Our formulas coat your hair with pleasing tones and leave your hair looking shiny.

Natural Brown Powder

Like the perfect lighting, the natural brown hair color completely flatters your complexion. Even with no makeup! A timeless classic brown hair is always a standout choice when you are looking for an unbelievable, eye-catching shade.

Mahogany Powder

This rich hair color powder is natural, but combining everything good about both red and brown kinds. With gorgeous redwood tones, this shade is a perfect bonus enhancement.

Why Choose Color Mate Powder Hair Colour?

Color Mate’s range has been specially formulated for Indian customers. It helps to remove the major warm tones in dark hair, giving you a naturally shiny finish. The colors in this range are vibrant and provide full root-to-tip grey coverage. The colors incorporate the brand’s advanced technology which helps protect the protein in your hair. The hair color powder is enriched with Henna, Shikakai, Brahmi and many more natural herbs. The advance method helps in sustainable development of pigmentation of your hair while coloring it, giving you a lively finish. Available in different gorgeous natural shades, these hair colour products strengthen and nourish your hair while coloring it. Unlike permanent powder hair color, these help color your hair without damaging the hair structure.

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The Brand

Color Mate is under the aegis of Henna Industries Pvt Ltd, a company fast moving on the map of Indian hair care industry. The group has been into the business of hair care for the last 50 years covering both domestic and international markets.

The Brain Child of Mr Amit Gupta, the Brand Color Mate Hair Color was conceived and launched in the year 1999 with a range of Hair Colors, a well researched and unique formulation for coloring the hair.

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