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Best Organic and Herbal Hair Colours in India

In the present world, our skin and hair are exposed to so many harmful elements that beautify the way our hair looks, covering our grey or natural hair color but ripping them off nourishment. If you have experienced any chemical reaction or hair damage, it’s time to switch to herbal and organic hair colors in India. Many people who have sensitive skin and scalp have reactions with harsh chemicals in their hair dyes or hair colors. Moreover, there are people who are vegan by practice and avoid the use of animal-derived or animal-tested products. They are keen on using natural plant or fruit-based products, even hair colors that are more gentle and healthier for hair. Whichever the case be, now is the right time to make the right choice. If you’re looking forward to buy organic or herbal hair colours in India online, trust only Color Mate.

Get Assured Strength, Shine and Healthy Hair with the Best Organic Hair Color

There is no debate if natural hair color is better than other chemical rich hair colors. Natural or herbal hair colours help you get the color you want and are safe for use. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the ill-effects of the harsh chemicals present in most branded hair colors. Unknowingly, people are damaging their hair while covering their greys or trying on a new hair color look. Where people are seeking the healthiest possible options in all spheres of their life, why not care for hair equally? Most hair dyes or hair colors when coming in straight contact with our scalp, cause irritation, inflammation or burns. This is a sign that somewhere we’re making a wrong choice. It’s important to buy hair color products that are skin-friendly and add strength and shine to your hair. For example, simple organic hair color for black hair can give your hair an amazing color, beautiful shine and nourishment from nature itself.

Benefits of using Herbal and Organic Hair colors

There are multiple benefits of organic natural hair dye or colors. With less harmful compounds and more natural and healthy ingredients, not only can you enjoy a new look but get the peace of mind knowing you have cared for hair. When you choose Color Mate’s range of herbal or organic hair colors, you get the assurance of gorgeous color, strength and shine for your precious hair.

Our herbal hair colours are a result of in-depth research and advanced hair care technology that help color your hair without the use of harmful chemicals. The unique composition of herbs such as Amla, Brahmi, Shikakai, Basil, Hibiscus and Chamomile along with other Himalayan herbs give strength and natural glow to your hair.

Explore Wide Variety of Organic and Herbal Hair Colors Online

We believe in providing the best quality organic hair colors in India that add a new color to your life and personality. Explore the exciting range of colors that complement the texture of your skin perfectly. Herbal hair color is more preferred as it has fewer harsh chemicals, making it safer for prolonged use. Whether you choose to use a conventional or a natural hair dye color, we recommend you consult a professional hair stylist for all of your hair color needs. They will know what works best for your hair and what doesn't, saving you from spending more time and money to correct a bad decision.

Here we have listed our 5 most popular and best herbal hair colours that are enriched with natural ingredients and are 100% ammonia free. These are suitable for all those with sensitive scalp and allergies to chemicals.

Golden Brown

If you’ve been thinking about coloring your hair a little different, it is definitely the best herbal hair color to choose. The best thing is that it covers your grey hair and perfectly coat and color someone's natural black hair.

Light Brown:

This light brown color is a perfect blend of warm and cool tones that can complement almost any skin type. However, it looks especially good on light dark skin tone and with green eyes.

Natural Brown:

This is an amazing choice for those who like keeping it warm. Especially, if you have warm toned skin. If you have gold undertones in your eyes, this is the perfect look to complement them.

Natural Black:

This look is for all the women out there who like keeping it simple and do not want to stray too far from their natural hair color. It is perfect for people who have warm toned skin as the natural black tones bring out the warmth in your skin and eyes. It is also an excellent choice for men with medium to dark skin tones.


This color looks best on women with warm toned skin and light eyes. The dark undertones make this look dynamic and adds a new shine to your lovely hair.

Why are Color Mate Herbal Hair Colours the Best?

An organic hair color or one that is enriched with herb extracts boost health hair unlike any other color or dye.The natural hair dye colors by Color Mate do not contain PPDs, alcohol, or harsh chemicals. The semi-permanent hair color range is extremely pigmented and stays vibrant for up to 8 to 10 washes and contains natural conditioning elements such as henna which keeps your hair soft and moisturized.

The Brand

Color Mate is under the aegis of Henna Industries Pvt Ltd, a company fast moving on the map of Indian hair care industry. The group has been into the business of hair care for the last 50 years covering both domestic and international markets.

The Brain Child of Mr Amit Gupta, the Brand Color Mate Hair Color was conceived and launched in the year 1999 with a range of Hair Colors, a well researched and unique formulation for coloring the hair.

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